Ratchet Pruners

At Red Earth Commerce, we believe in transforming challenges into opportunities and turning obstacles into pathways. Our The Gardner's Friend® line of Gardening products help those with mobility issues, including weak, or small hands, or those with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, be able to do the gardening which they love.

Discover the transformative power of Red Earth Commerce's ratchet pruners—your ultimate tools to make gardening easier. Designed for both seasoned gardeners and novices alike, these pruners effortlessly slice through branches and ensure a precise, easy cut without additional strain. Engineered for comfort and efficiency, The Gardener’s Friend ratchet pruners are perfect for tackling tough stems and deadwood, making your gardening tasks a breeze. Join our community of passionate gardeners who trust Red Earth Commerce for innovative solutions that enhance all your gardening endeavors. Cultivate your garden with ease and joy, knowing you have the best tools to make gardening easier from the comfort of your own hands.

Shear your Yard into Shape

Snip small shoots & withering stems with precision.

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Get Your Gardening On!

New and Improved

Ratchet Pruners

Great tool for folks with limited hand mobility.

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Bypass Pruners

Ergonomically engineered bypass shears to give small hands a strength boost.

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Pruning Snips

Pluck & prune with ease using lightweight, small-handed microtip. snips.

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Get Your Green Thumb Ready!

Effortless Pruning Made Simple

Add more ease to your gardening experience

Get a Grip that Won't Quit

Tools designed for gardeners who won't back down

Paul Grimm and Nancy, founders of The Gardener's Friend

Founded by Paul Grimm and his wife, Nancy, The Gardener's Friend grew from their passion for gardening.

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Red Earth Commerce Acquires The Gardener's Friend

Today, Red Earth Commerce proudly continues their legacy, crafting tools that empower gardeners with mobility challenges.

The Gardener's Friend is a Registered Trademark of Red Earth Commerce, LLC.