Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - The Gardener’s Friends

Q:  Why should we buy your tools vs your competition? 

A: Our TGF Tools are designed to work and to last!  They are also backup up with a lifetime of experience in the nursery and orchard industries. 


Q:  I have small hands, what do you recommend?

A: Our two smaller pruners, TGF Bypass Pruners and TGF Pruning Snips are ideal for small hands.  They are lightweight and easy to lock, unlock and use with either left or right handed use.   They unfortunately, do not have the advantage offered by our larger TGF ratchet pruners. 


Q:  Can I use TGF Ratchet Pruners for small cuts?

A:  Yes, when you are deadheading or making small snips the ratchet will not engage.  Just make these links of cuts close to the tip of the jaws and they will work like a charm!


Q:  How large a cut can I make with the Ratchet Pruners?

A:  We have made cuts up to 1”  (50mm) however, they work easily on wood up to 40mm or 3/4” 


Q:  What is the best tool for trimming my hedges?

A:  TGF Hedge Trimmers are lightweight and easy to use.  Very sharp blades and they will last forever. 


Q:  I am left-handed, will your tools work for me?

A:   All of our tools are suitable for use with either hand.


Q: What safety advice do you suggest?

A:  First of all, the blades on our tools are very sharp.  You must always take note of where your fingers are and we recommend always wearing proper gardening gloves to protect against cuts.


Q: The latch is a bit stiff on my pruners, What can I do? 

A:  The latch on the TGF pruners, combined with the spring action of the handles is made so that it won’t easily come open and thus be dangerous.  The following steps are recommended for opening and closing the TGF Ratchet Pruners.  See the pictures below as well. 

  1. To open the latch, simply squeeze the two handles together and slide the black lock button back, away from the blade.
  2. To close the lock, just reverse the process, again squeezing the handles slightly and sliding the latch forward towards the blade to lock the tool.


Q:  What warranty does your company provide?

A: Our warranty is simply this; we offer a no hassle replacement or any of our tools if they break or malfunction during normal use.  Just contact us and we will send you a new one and you may keep the old one! 


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