Paul using the pruners

How Are Your Hands Today?

I woke up this morning (Thankfully!) and as usual…my hands were numb.  This is a result of about 30 years dealing with some level of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Sometimes it is better than other times, but nonetheless, it is painful and uncomfortable. 

Believe me, I have never been one to let such maladies stand in my way, just stating the facts.  They say that surgery will solve this.  Sorry….not interested in getting my wrists cut!  Nancy did have this surgery and really, it has not made things much better. 

So…what is my point?

No matter what our situation and disabilities it is our right to do whatever it takes to make our life and our tasks more doable and less painful. 

Gratefully, I don’t have any pruning I need to do today.  As I write this it is March 23, 2019 and we are still feeling the last vestiges of winter in Nova Scotia.  Technically, spring is here but the snow is not totally gone and today it is cold and rainy.  About + 3 Degrees Celsius.

But…soon we will be back at our gardens and nursery fields.  With 75 acres of trees needing pruning there is a lot of work to do and I cannot let a little hand pain slow me down! 

How about you?  What is it that is holding you back from achieving your desires in your garden or property? 

Many things can impact our ability to work with our hands.  Arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and just simply ageing can make these tasks difficult. 

This is why we have worked over the past several years to develop gardening tools that can make our lives in the yard and garden more satisfying and at the end of the day, we can relax without pain or at least, with less pain! 

For most of my life in my orchard and nursery I have depended on 2 – 3 super high quality brands of tools.  Maybe you know the names of some of these!  They are well build and sturdy and will last nearly for ever.  And for those who have youth and unlimited manual dexterity and strength, they are just fine!

But…I simply got to the point where I could not use these anymore!   Both Nancy and I needed a tool that we could make decent size cuts with that would not leave us in pain.  Most of the hand pruning I do is branch cuts of ¾ inch (7.5 MM) or less.  Beyond that size it requires larger tools, bigger loppers and even in some case, a saw.  In fact for many years we did much of our larger pruning with a chain saw (but that is a whole nother story)!

Because of age and mobility, (and a bit too much belly fat!) I now longer do the climbing around trees to prune.  This is a task for someone younger and for some equipment that I no longer care to use. 

So I will get to the point.  The thing that saved my hands and can do the same for you is a well-built pair of ratchet operated pruners that will make cuts in a series of stages using leverage rather than brute force.   We think the tool we have created and now market internationally is one of the best on the market, if not…”The Best Pruning Tool” available on the market today.  You can pay less and get junk, or you can pay more and get tools that are too difficult to use! 

But for us (and more than 10,000 other customers), this tool is the right choice. 

Here are some of the main features and benefits of the TGF Ratchet Pruners. 

  1. A very sharp bladed made of SK5 Steel that will cut through branches like butter!!
  2. The Unique Ratchet Mechanism lets you cut branches with a fraction of the effort!
  3. The ratchet only engages for large cuts so that small snips are easy with the tips.
  4. The locking mechanism can be operated with either hand for left handed and right handed gardeners.
  5. The main frame body of the pruners is made from a strong alloy metal which is lightweight and virtually indestructible....and doesn’t rust!
  6. The handle of the pruners is made with a large loop so that it is so easy to hang onto. It also has a finger guide that makes cutting much easier.
  7. And there is a small loop to attach a lanyard if you wish.
  8. The grove in the Anvil is coated to avoid the blade dulling on contact.
  9. There is a soft neoprene insert in the palm handle of the pruner which also makes using for long periods more comfortable. And easy to grip and hold onto!
  10. And finally, we include a small sponge in the handle for cleaning the blade and a spare in case you lose the first one. (We strongly recommend removing this from the handle and storing it where you can find it because you will lose it if you leave it in the handle!)

Click on this link to ‘Add to Cart” and happy gardening!


Paul Grimm,

March 23rd, 2019


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